pd.id: Test Your Drinks To Avoid date Rape Drugs

pd.id is the solution of date rape drugs that are shockingly commonplace in nightclubs, college campuses, and parties across the world. These drugs can be odorless and tasteless, so the only way to completely avoid contamination is to refuse any drink offered to you. 
pd id: Personal Drink Identifier

To help solving this problem, a team from Toronto is crowd-funding the pd.id — the “personal drink ID.” With a device the size of a thumb drive, anyone can test to see if a drink has been tampered with.

Using its built-in sensors, the pd.id tests the light spectrum, conductivity, and temperature of any drink. After submerging the tip of the device for a few seconds, it checks the data against a local database of drink profiles, and it lights up either a green or red LED depending on the safety of the drink. Once rinsed, the device can be used again — up to about forty times on a single battery charge.

Even better, the pd.id can be paired with iOS, Android, or Blackberry smartphones for a more in-depth explanation about what the test found. Dedicated one-time-use testing kits do exist for specific drugs, but they simply don’t offer the same utility and versatility of this reusable gadget.

Currently, the pd.id team is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in hopes of raising $100,000 by August 30th for a full-fledged release in April 2015. If the campaign raises $250,000, the team will partner with an “international women’s cause,” and donate 100 units. 

At the $500,000 level, the team will implement the ability to detect the nutritional content of a drink — especially useful to help diabetics detect sugar content. Finally, if the campaign raises $750,000 the team will develop an application dedicated to avoiding and reporting unsafe situations and establishments.
pd-id demo

If you want a pd.id device for your very own, you’ll need to pony up $100 on the Indiegogo campaign, but that’s just the start. If you or your organization want to make an even bigger difference, the higher support tiers allow for hundreds of these devices to be distributed to at-risk communities. 

At the $10,000 perk tier, 200 pd.id devices will be donated to the community of your choice. At the $50,000 level, 1000 pd.id will be donated to the university of your choice for freshman orientation packages.
pd-id specifications

Whether you plan on using this yourself, giving it to your kids, or donating to college students, this device is important both culturally and practically. This tool empowers at-risk men and women, and works to thwart abusers and rapists — a truly noble goal. This isn't just a cool gadget, it could be a life changer.
source: ExtremeTech

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