Apple iOS 8 Can Scan Credit Card in Safari

Apple has recently revealed that their upcoming operating system iOS 8 have lot of fantastic features to surprise users but the most amazing feature is credit card scanning. The feature enables you to use the iPhone's camera to scan your credit-card when prompted by a website during online transactions.
iOS8 Credit Card Scanning

The feature of passwords and auto fill option already available in iOS 7, which allows you to store credit card details for future purchases online. The new feature uses character recognition to translate the image of your credit card into distinct numbers on your iOS device, according to 9 to 5 Mac.
Safari Credit Card Scanning In iOS8

There is also another less-publicized feature of iOS 8 is that it generates random media access control (MAC) addresses when scans for Wi-Fi networks, a dynamic that will make it slightly more difficult for marketing companies to track you via your MAC address. Given the many changes in iOS 8, a few more surprises will likely crop up in the coming weeks.

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