Sony QX10 Camera Gadget For Smartphones

Sony QX10 Camera Lens For Smartphones

Sony QX10 is a smartphone camera lens with a camera on it; this is what it is all about. Despite being redundant, this accessory makes smartphone photography indicatively new in every sense. It can be somehow related to mirror-less kit lens, only a bit smaller in size and in megapixels. 

And instead of having its own screen, these lenses use the display of smartphones like a wirelessly connected viewfinder. Users can attach these add-ons using a spring loaded clip or have it detached, as long as it stays within a specific range to adjacent to the smartphone.

Tech brand Sony has released this camera lens along with another higher end number, the QX100. There is a big difference in pricing (QX10 comes in $250 while QX100 doubles the price, a whopping $500) as well as in obvious megapixels and sensors. The cheaper of the two, QX10 still promises a photographer-experience using a smartphone camera.
Sony QX10 Camera Gadget For Smartphones

QX10 runs on a ½.3 inch CMOs image sensor and possesses a 10x optical zoom lens, which is surprisingly comparable to many $300 range digital point and shoot cameras. This is easily paired with NFC running phones, with its controls available within the mobile app Sony Play Memories. From the app, users can find the shutter button, zoom, video toggles and three different shooting modes: the intelligent auto, superior auto and the program auto.

The images are saved in two locations, in a micro SD card that fits into the QX10 slip and the smartphone’s own storage. It promises better low-light shooting and a powerful optical zoom that definitely upgrades a smartphone camera’s weak camera into a better quality. Sony QX10 is a fun and quirky accessory that makes a nice addition to a photo enthusiast who hates carrying bulky SLRs. This provides a marriage between lenses and smartphones. 

Sony QX10 camera lens is among the many possibilities of tech giants creating different lens add-ons for mobile gadgets, emphasizing a camera-centric utility. - TechBeat

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