Apple Preparing Heart Attacks Prediction Sensors

Heart Attack Prediction Technology by Apple
According to a report, Apple is developing a sensor based wearable gadget that would be able to predict about heart attack. The effort, led by audio expert Tomlinson Holman, the creator of THX and 10.2 surround sound, can reportedly focus on the sound that blood makes as it travels through the arteries.

Apple's supposed sensor to monitor the sound of blood flowing, that device would probably ought to be worn on somebody's body. Therefore, this new information directly points to the continued rumors of an future Apple wearable gadget, normally stated as the iWatch.

The iWatch implications of the San Francisco Chronicle report are further backed by last week's news that Apple hired medical-device expert Marcelo Malini Lamego. What's more, a report in January claimed that Apple is also working on new health-focused apps for iOS.

If this new report regarding Apple's heart sensor research pans out — barring a surprise move by the company to enter the medical scanner bed industry — Apple's rumored iWatch will turn out to be far more broadly impactful than anyone could have guessed.

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