SoundBulb - Wireless LED Speaker Light

SoundBulb - Wireless LED Speaker

Its twenty first century, time to get rid of wires. Time to replace your old age speakers (abundant of wires ) with wireless LED speaker light in your living room, that is pretty awesome.

It’s not really easy to set up traditional speakers with the wires and connectors and all that crap. The Sound-Bulb is a combination light-bulb and wireless speaker system designed to solve your all problems by letting you enjoy after stickjng everything up in the ceiling or inside lamps.

It will be amusing to see homes screwing on the SoundBulb. Wireless speakers streaming music all over the place with the shimmy of disco lights; sounds eccentric! Apparently the parts of the SoundBulb are replaceable and can be upgraded from time to time. My only concern with this design is the heat factor, after all bulbs do produce a lot of heat and could be damaging to the speakers. 

Stuffed inside the form factor of a regular incandescent bulb is an array of LEDs to provide (eco-friendly!) light, with an 8-ohm speaker behind it. The speaker is connected wirelessly to your home entertainment system, and you can adjust the volume of each speaker by simply twisting the top of the bulb.
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No idea when this concept might see production, but it’s a damn good idea and I’d absolutely buy a bunch of them. If they’re cheap. Which they probably won’t be. Internal diagram after the jump. 

Via: YankoDesign & Ohgizmo

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