GPS Bullets for Car Chases

GPS Bullets for Car Chases

Everyone loves a decent police chase; except, well perhaps the police and any pedestrians UN agency can be within the space. Whereas high-speed car chases is also exciting on the large screen, they're something however exciting to the cops in world. Over 360 officers area unit killed annually as a results of high-speed automobile chases. Those numbers may well be dynamic within the future, though, because of a more recent piece of police technology called the Star Chase System.

What is the Star Chase System?

Admittedly, this new piece of kit appears like it’s taken straight out of a fantasy moving picture. Employing a “cannon” mounted ahead of the grill on a prowl car, the Star Chase System uses compressed gas to shoot a GPS tag onto a targeted vehicle.

Once the GPS tag is connected, dispatchers will frequently monitor the whereabouts of the vehicle in question and relay the data to the officers concerned. This permits any police UN agency might are concerned in a very high-speed automobile chase to impede and wait till it's safe to create a stop.
Star Chase System

Currently, solely two states area unit testing out this equipment: Iowa and FL. If it proves in, though, the Star Chase System may beyond any doubt save a unnumerable variety of lives all told fifty states. It’s not simply the police and people {they area unit|they're} chasing UN agency are scraped or killed, though; it's conjointly any vehicles and pedestrians UN agency realize themselves within the middle of the pursuit. If it works, it feels like a no-brainier for each local department within the country to urge this instrumentation.

The only drawback is also it’s value effectiveness – every cannon system can reportedly value around $5000, which value doesn't embody any of the GPS tags which is able to value another $500. This quantity can for sure be troublesome for smaller cities and cities.

To view videos and facts about the Star Chase System, please visit Star Chase’s website.

[Image Source: TechBeat]

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