The MiniCut2d - First 2D to 3D Machine

The MiniCut2d is the world's first, table top, fabrication machine for novice makers. Unlike other 3D printers and CNC routers that can be bulky, expensive and difficult to use, the MiniCut2d's portable design gives anyone the ability to safely start a project right out of the box! MiniCut2d's intuitive software lets you take simple 2D drawings or pictures and turn them into full 3D models in minutes.

 Details about MiniCut2d features

How MiniCut2d Works:

MiniCut2d has a 0.3 mm cutting wire which is operated by the commands according to the design, shape or model to make it real. Its "magic" starts with its innovative "hot wire" technology. Just place your material (polystyrene foam) on the MiniCut2d plate, dial in the temperature for its 0.3 mm cutting wire and GO! The hot wire melts a high-precision, continuous line through the material based on the geometry of your programmed design. 

Below is an example A full project "from scratch”

Advantages of MiniCut2d

It can be really helpful for students to complete their project in more explaining way and it would great to save the time. We can also make much kind of toys for our kids or pets. These MiniCut2d is a really cool technology for the people who have creative thoughts and love to implement their ideas.

The MiniCut2d makes the perfect teaching aid for students, connects with advanced 3D CAD software for more complex projects and is open source for full customization!

Below is an explainer video about the MiniCut2d by the Renaud ILTIS (CEO)
Below are some sample created by the MiniCut2d:

MiniCut2d features and details

MiniCut2d projects

MiniCut2d chess

Images Via - indiegogo

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