Smart Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S4

Smart Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S4

Looking for an additional accessory for your Samsung Galaxy S4? Here is our list of really cool accessories that will protect your device, but also make it more comfortable while playing video games or typing.

S Cover View

samsung galaxy s4 s cover view

This is probably the most interesting accessory for those users that want to protect their new Galaxy S4. This flip cover protects the screen without any need to unlock your phone to see necessary information’s because a small opening at the top allows you to see basic information such as time, date and notifications (number of messages, missed calls, etc..). They are displayed without even having to open the lid and the screen is less busy. S Cover View is available in several colors so you will find the one that you like the most.

Protective Cover +

samsung galaxy s4 protective cover +

Samsung Galaxy S4 Protective Cover + is used to protect the back of the smartphone. This rigid shell has a silicone edge. It respects the design end of the smartphone and nicely follows its curves. It is especially useful if you handle your phone a lot, because all connectors and screen remain uncovered. However, it offers no protection to the screen if you drop it for example.

Flip Cover

flip cover for samsung galaxy s4

Flip Cover for the Galaxy S4 does not differ greatly from what Samsung has already proposed to the previous models. Even if you do not have direct access/view to clock or notifications, you can enjoy optimal protection for the screen. Again, Flip Cover stays thin to maintain a stylish look.

Samsung Game Pad

samsung game pad for samsung galaxy s4

This is a joystick that is dedicated to devices in the Galaxy range. This controller looks more or less than an Xbox 360, with virtually the same keys (two analog paved the arrow keys and the keys A, X, Y, Z with the same colors). This controller is compatible with more than 80 games. Everyone knows that it is often not very easy to enjoy a full game play on a touch screen device, especially if we are talking about FPS game. A fact that many manufacturers are trying to fill and Samsung seems to have found the right accessory to address this problem.

Phone Pad+

samsung galaxy s4 phone pad+

Taking the concept of the ASUS PadFone, PhonePad+ go further and is compatible with Android devices although for the moment it is functional with Samsung smartphones namely the Galaxy S2, the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. The work principle is very simple and it requires from user to put its smartphone inside a slot that will connect it with device and then receive a 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 X 600 pixels. While the resolution is not yet at the top, the difference is barely noticeable especially for the price of $200. The screen can be positioned in different ways for maximum comfort.

Wireless charger

samsung galaxy s4 wireless charger

The wireless charging is something we hear about for some time, but the fact that the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world (Samsung) is using it for its latest high-end device, could finally democratize this technology at the moment. Because Galaxy S4 does not comes with built-in wireless charger, you can buy it as additional accessory that is required to be installed in the rear.

Samsung S Band

samsung s band

The Samsung S Band lets you keep an eye on your heart rate and make sure you’re exercising safely as well as effectively. Not only that, but it connects easily, quickly and wirelessly with the S Health app on your mobile device, so you can conveniently track your exercise record and monitor your progress. It’s also fully adjustable and water-resistant, giving you superior comfort as well as easy cleaning.

All above mentioned accessories and more you can find at this Galaxy S4 online store, so if you are after a new cool gadget or accessory for your Galaxy S4, that’s the store where you will find it.

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