Tascam iM2X Turns iPhone Microphones into a high-quality Digital Recorder

Tascam iM2X Turns iPhone Microphones into a high-quality Digital Recorder

Its time to give something to your next generation, something that you did not imagine in your past. iM2X is an ideal technology gadget for iPhone especially iPhone 4/4s. Its a small but very cool and impressive gadget for those who want to make their iPhone more and more attractive. 

The iM2X packs a set of condenser mics in an XY configuration for accurate stereo recordings to an accompanying Tascam iOS app. It allows for CD-quality captures and a USB pass-through still lets you charge your phone with the dongle in place. Since it draws power from the handset, it doesn't require its own batteries either.

But if you prefer to use your own mic or audio feed instead, the iXJ2 features two mic or line inputs that can be used separately or combined for stereo recordings. It’s better suited for using the iPhone as a video capture device, when you want to be able to use lavalier mics or larger shotgun mics for better audio pickup.

Main Features

  • X-Y setteing (iM2X) / A-B setting (iM2). 
  • The same high-quality stereo condenser microphones as the DR-07MKII and DR-40. 
  • Sensitivity up to 125dB SPL for peace of mind in the loudest settings. 
  • Vari-angle structure provide ease-of-use in every environment. 
  • Mounted AKM AK5357 D/A converter provides top-notch digital transference. 
  • Ultra light-weight, take it anywhere. 
  • Dedicated battery is not required. 

Audio performance

  • Frequency response: 10Hz to 20kHz
  • S/N ratio:          95dB or greater
  • THD :          Less than 0.01%

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