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Belkin’s Armband for iPhone

Belkin’s Armband for iPhone

Belkin Corporation was honored with iLounge’s coveted "iPod Accessory Maker of the Year" Award in 2006. So with most of the iPod accessory companies making announcements of accessories for the soon to be released iPhone, tauted by many as the most anticipated gadget in history, it comes as no surprise that Belkin wants a piece of the action in the iPhone accessory segment.

iLounge has previewed the Armband for the iPhone from Belkin along with a few other iPhone accessories in the latest free iPod book.

The iPhone armband consists of an elastic material secured with Velcro to hold the iPhone securely while you’re out exercising.

Rather than going with the no-frills elastic armband design like most iPod accessories out there, Belkin’s Armband for iPhone uses a sleek, breathable material with industrial design to highlight iPhone’s face. A side pocket holds a key or your earbuds, while the phone is in a separate compartment with its side buttons marked and its screen fully accessible through a clear protective layer, which will be important to avoid scratches while using iPhone’s multi-touch interface.

In addition, the Belkin’s iPhone Armband is also designed to be low-bulk and machine washable.

Belkin’s Armband for iPhone is expected to cost $30, however other information such as the color options or the release date are not yet known. The iPhone accessory should soon show up on my exclusive iPhone store as well as Belkin’s website.

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