Power Dock 5 - A Family Charging Station

Power Dock 5 - A Family Charging Station

When you have a lot of USB-chargeable portable devices to charge then you either have USB chargers scattered all round the house or a single location with a potential tangled nest of cables. 

The Power Dock 5 from Griffin can tame the charging cables into one neat, sleek charging station with room to corral and charge five devices at once. This station takes up about the same area as a tablet, but it has five charging bays with USB ports. Each port provides 5V at 2.1A, so each can handle even a power-hungry tablet. 

The bays are large enough to accommodate devices in their cases. Because you provide your own cables, you know the Power Dock 5 is compatible with any USB-chargeable device you own now or in the future. The Power Dock 5 is available now at Griffin for $99.99.

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