The SmartRim™ Groundbreaking Device Helps You Park Any Car Safe And Easy!

Today, there's a ton of safety tech available for your car, especially on the higher end models. But no matter how many gadgets manufacturers develop, there's still one guaranteed pitfall... at some point you're going to scrape your wheels on the curb when parking! That's why we developed SmartRim™.

SmartRim™ is the world's first wireless sensor to protect your vehicle's sides and save your wheels from all those expensive scrapes. Simply stick the compact SmartRim™ inside or near any vehicle's wheel well and GO! Its high-frequency, ultrasonic sensor relays real-time audio and visual alerts right to your smartphone via our custom app.

Need to Valet? SmartRim's ™ joyride checker logs acceleration points so you'll always know how your vehicle was treated. Best of all, our open API, gives developers massive opportunities for integration with new ideas and devices.

SmartRim™.... No blind spots.  No guesswork.  Just a perfect, safe park every time!

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