Nissan Smart Watch

Nissan is also in the era of wearable tech, with the smartwatch to connect the car and driver. It's first entry of Nissan into the wearable technologies world. Nissan will be showing off the device — dubbed the Nissan Nismo Watch — at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Nissan Smartwatch

Target of the Nismo Watch are drivers of Nissan Nismo cars. Nismo is Nissan's sports car and responsible for supercars, race cars and ridiculously tricked-out performance kits.

Right now, the Nismo Watch is focusing on really specific audience and its key features are quite different from normal smartwatches, so I think its about to connecting to your car instead of connecting to your smartphone. But still its really good that Nisan is also participating in the era of such technologies. 

Here are some features of Nismo Watch:

  • Connects to the car using a smartphone app as a Bluetooth Smart device. 
  • Access vehicle telematics and performance data while on the track. 
  • Nismo Watch will capture biometric data via a heart-rate monitor in the watch.
  • Monitor the performance of car with average speed and fuel-consumption readings
  • Get tailored car messages from Nissan

Nissan says that the Nismo Watch can also track and rate the user's social media performance across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram using its Social Speed software. Klout for cars? Who knew!

The Nismo Watch is an extension of Nissan's Nismo Lab, which launched earlier this year. The Nismo Lab is a mobile laboratory that captures live biometric and telematics data from Nismo athletes during races. With the Nismo Watch, Nissan hopes to make this sort of data available to the the drivers. With any luck, this sort of technology can also be used in other areas.

In the future, the Nismo Lab wants to focus on ECG, EEG and skin temperature sensors — so that that sort of data can get passed back to athletes via the smartwatch.

The Nismo Watch comes in black, white and black and red and it was designed to look like the Nismo ring. The watch is controlled with two buttons and should get over seven days of battery life with normal usage.

Even though this might be the most niche smartwatch of all time, we also think that the idea is pretty cool. The potential here — at least in a racing scenario — is to truly connect the car with the driver, letting the driver know what's happening with the car, but also by potentially providing team members with information about factors such as heart rate and temperature.

Historically, car companies use motor-sports as a way to test the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies, some of which eventually make their way to regular automobiles. So what do you think: Could you ever imagine getting information about your car from your watch? Or what about your car getting information about you? How cool would it be if the temperature could adjust itself based on body temperature? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Via: Mashable

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