Lie Detector Tattoo by Google

Lie Detector Tattoo by Google

Lie Detector Tattoo by Google

Tattoos could be about to get a tech makeover. As well as being an outlet for artistic flair, Google wants to explore the idea of an electronic skin tattoo that could embed a microphone and lie detector into a users neck.

Google owned Motorola Mobility has filed an application with the US Patent Office for a design that pairs tattoos with mobile devices titled,  “Coupling an Electronic Skin Tattoo to a Mobile Communication Device.”

The electronic tattoo would be located on a user’s neck and would act as a supplemental phone microphone. It is thought that by being near to the user’s mouth, it would reduce background noise during calls and result in clearer audio.

Included in the device would be a transceiver allowing for wireless communication when paired with a mobile device. This would improve how voice commands work on a phone.

According to the patent the tattoo could also be used as a lie-detector. The device would have a “galvanic skin response detector to detect skin resistance of a user”, so someone who is nervous or telling a lie may have a different skin-related response.

The patent also explains how the device will be powered. The tattoo could “employ solar panel technology, capacitive technology, nanotechnology or electro-mechanical technology,” or use a rechargeable battery.

There is no mention of how the tattoo will be applied but if an electronic tattoo doesn’t appeal then the patent does mention the option of using a  “collar or band that would be worn around the throat”.

source: TechBeat

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