The Memoto Lifelogging Camera - World’s Smallest Wearable Camera

Memoto Lifelogging Camera - World’s Smallest Wearable Camera

Never miss another of life’s special moments with the Memoto Lifelogging Camera that you wear as it creates a continuous life log that you can go back to and relive the memories. Said to be the world’s smallest wearable camera, the Memoto Camera does everything a regular camera does, such as taking pictures and registering GPS position, yet it has no controls. 

Instead, it automatically takes photos as  you go, then the Memoto app seamlessly and effortlessly organizes them for you. As long as you wear it, it’ll constantly take pictures. The camera takes two, geotagged photos a minute with recorded orientation so that the app can show them upright no matter how you are wearing the camera. 

And don’t worry about it getting damaged in weather since it’s weather protected. The app itself provides you pictures of every single moment of your life while wearing it and provides info on when you took it and where you were.

Batteries can last up to two day of  use and to recharge them, you connect the camera to your computer; at the same time the photos are automatically uploaded to Memoto’s servers. It comes in three different colors: Arctic White, Graphite Grey and Memoto Orange and retails for $279.

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